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An hour with Jules Brooke

"You'll be shocked! An hour with Jules will be the best value hour you have had in a long time!"

If you have ever spent any time with Jules you will know what a huge amount of energy she has when it comes to PR. Her creativity, practical advice and connections means that no one will leave without loads of ideas, a plan of attack and probably some referrals. She's just like that.

This is your opportunity to take your business to the next level!

Whether you want help coming up with newsworthy angles, or knowing what to say to a journalist, a strategy for long term media exposure or  you want PR fast. Whatever level of expertise you are, Jules can and will help you.


In an hour-long session with her, you'll be able to  ask all your burning PR questions. She has run a PR agency for 15 years, been teaching business owners PR for the last ten years, and runs events with senior journalists all the time so she really understands how you can get cut through.


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“Jules is the queen of small business PR. A few things that really mattered to me, 1. She wanted to know me and my business first, 2. She really cared, 3. Her advice was simple, accurate and insightful. After working with Jules I felt more confident and prepared to work with media and work my own PR. I’d recommend her to anyone wanting more exposure for their profile and business."

Greg Layton

Chiefmaker, Executive coach, author, speaker

So what's stopping you?

At Your Service with Jules Brooke

With years of experience and expertise in PR Jules can help you get the media exposure you have been looking for. You can get a lot done in an hour with her!


Take your business to another level.


(+ GST Australia & NZ)

  • Creating an ongoing PR strategy for 6-12 months 

  • Brainstorming ideas for news media, TV and radio pitches

  • Learn how to position yourself as a media expert

  • Understanding the media you should target to get the customers you want

  • Learn how to do product PR if you are a retailer or wholesaler

  • You could role play your pitches live with Jules 

What can you expect?

 “Without Jules’ knowledge of PR, I wouldn't be where I am right now. I'm standing on a foundation of confidence and knowledge which has gravitated into all areas of my business marketing, podcasting and video.  I'm certainly not scared of talking to a journalist to pitch my story angle.”

Susan Jarvis

The Spicy Boudoir

"Jules is so energetic and down to earth that you can’t help but leave on an absolute high! I can tell you I was definitely not even slightly motivated about PR before, but am now champing at the bit to get started.  The amount of insider information plus the tips and tricks Jules happily shares is invaluable not to mention the networking opportunities.”


Paula Fysh

Startup Founder

“I was so excited to email you and your team with the words ‘I’ve been published!’  For me, it’s been such a great credibility builder. If you’ve ever thought about getting yourself published, I highly recommend Jules.”



Jenny Waterson

 CEO of Simply Smarter Numbers