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Streamline the PR process, build your own media contact list, write better releases and easily send to the journalists most interested in your topics. Follow up and resend directly from the platform

Pinky McKay

Baby sleep expert, Founder of Boobie Biccies


Pinky is absolutely killing it in the media and gets featured most weeks in one media outlet or another. We have taught her everything she knows! In this video she explains how easy the PR Engine is to use and how quickly she gets media responses.

The more you use the platform, the easier it gets and you will start to know the journalists who love your content so you can target them every time.

Super Simple Campaign Creation

Follow the steps to name your campaign, build your media list,
write (or attach) your release and send out to the media of your choice.

Simple, Intuitive Media Release Builder

Create a great story angle and write your release in the right format. Our platform will guide you through the process.


You can get us to proof read (we call it Media Release Tweaking) or we can even write your media release for you if you need it.


Streamline the PR process, write better releases and easily send to the journalists most interested in your topics.

Follow up and resend directly from the platform.

  • Build your ideal media contact list

  • Media release writing tool

  • Simple media release templates

  • Send directly from the platform

  • Send follow up campaigns

  • Unlimited PR campaigns

  • Unlimited use of journalist contacts

  • Unlimited releases

  • Renews annually unless cancelled

"Of all the things that I have purchased, tried or subscribed to as a digital start up, Handle Your Own PR has been the single best investment I have made. The software is easy to use and follow, with plenty of guidance - signing up for the masterclasses is a must!"

Theresa Shaw

CEO, My Digital Afterlife

Naomi Lambert

CEO, The Cool To Be Kind Project

This is the BEST PR platform I've ever used. It has made my life as a PR so much easier. And if you're doing your own PR then you need to grab it. It helps you manage the who media release sending process all the way to the important follow up.

Annette Densham

Publicity Genie