Self paced online PR course

Learn how to

'pitch the media' at your own pace

get your stories published, and

be interviewed on radio or television!

I have been implementing your PR strategies and I managed to land the front page of the Tweed Daily News. Without your PR course I would 100% would not have had the courage nor confidence to reach out to the media.


Rachel Markoff, Founder, La La Lady

The video lessons cover:

  • Getting started

    What you need to get ready before you start your PR, including the importance of photography and getting your website ready.

  • Identifying your media targets

    Understanding your target markets and the importance of creating niche markets so you can work out the best media to target

  • Media release and newsworthy angles

    There are gazillions of ways of coming up with a newsworthy story and we help you understand all the different ways you can ‘spin’ your story and write your media release.

  • Contacting the media

    Understanding media lead times, constructing the email to accompany your release and who to contact are all covered in this lesson.

  • Doing it!

    Learn how to pitch your story, calendar reminders and role playing calls to journalists or producers. You also get two journalist interview videos in this lesson.

  • Follow up and milking it!

    Following up with journalists that haven’t responded, a bit more about prizes and competitions and then what to do with the PR once you have been published. This lesson helps you extend the impact of the PR you have achieved.

Laura Piccardi, Author and Founder of Uppy

Hear Laura's experience learning PR through the PR Bootcamp and getting published in the media!

“I gladly recommend the PR Bootcamp to anyone because it has worked magic for me. The PR Bootcamp gave me the tools to work at my own confidence level and pace to get my brand out there.”

Chee Pearsall

Turkish Murkish


Streamline the PR process, write better releases and easily send to the journalists most interested in your topics.



(+GST in Australia)

Self paced online PR Course


  • 6 comprehensive video lessons

  • Special upgrade offer for the PR Engine

  • Upgrade to weekly mentoring (optional)


“The best business decision I have made was buying the PR Bootcamp from HYOPR. I have never done PR professionally and needed lots of help. The online course, watching videos, the fantastic booklet and being part of the mentoring group has been a lifesaver.”

Susan Jarvis

Founder of The Spicy Boudoir

“Let me tell you, it’s fricking amazing! Not only was I taught how to communicate my message properly but the PR Engine with the contacts just made everything so easy. It’s been amazing for my business and it’s only just beginning.” 


Laura Piccardi

Author and Founder of Uppy

“You make it so simple and clear, demystifying PR with such practical advice...when I hear it it’s like...duh and I so understand why we haven’t had traction before now. Also feelin’ the love with your support during the week and knowing we can touch base with questions.”

Tina Kopa

Ramus Illumination

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