It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffet

If You Don't Tell Your Story, Someone Else Will

For businesses everywhere, Public Relations (PR) is more important than ever before. With the explosion of customers and consumers engaging in new and social media, the collapse of reputation and trust for any organization becomes significant to survival. Businesses need to be savvy about how they protect themselves when suffering criticism from anonymous and hidden elements. Something that PR is very capable of doing.


My name is Jules Brooke. You’ve probably heard of me or may even have seen me on TV. 

I have helped hundreds of people to successfully get millions of dollars worth of media mentions, free airtime, full-page spreads and business publicity.

The 5 Easy Steps to Running Your Own PR Campaign came about after discovering that many business owners & entrepreneurs didn’t know how or what to do for creating free publicity.

Jules Brooke from Handle Your Own PR

Here's just a sample of what you'll discover

  • You need to have both high-resolution (hi-res) and low-resolution (lo-res) ‘lifestyle shots’ of your product ready for the media.
  • Your website needs to have a “media clippings” page to convey credibility for future media opportunities and continue to work for you long after the story is run.
  • Your media release needs a killer headline that is clear, clever and enticing so it stands out in the journo’s Inbox.
  • Copy and paste your media release into the pitch email you send to media contacts so they get it your angle in one pass.
  • Be polite even when you’re being rejected. Always say thank you when you get any mention, no matter how small. Remember even a two sentence blurb is a big deal when you’re getting it for free.

5 Reasons Why YOU should listen to my advice

  • I’ve spent over 20 years in PR – working in Australia and the UK in agencies, as a freelancer and setting up my own communications business.
  • I’ve dealt with hundreds of journalists, reporters, bloggers, influencers and media contacts; know all the things they hate and the turn-offs you need to avoid.
  • You are learning from someone who’s been there, done that in her own business, but also helped many other people.
  • You are going to learn from someone who knows the real shortcuts and what to do.
  • I really love when a business finds the right media contact, then seeing their relationship blossom into amazing stories and masses of free publicity.

The 5 Easy Steps to Running Your Own PR Campaign gives start-ups, entrepreneurs, business owners and executives the foundation needed to embrace PR when there are challenges. Whether those challenges are financial (you have a small or tight budget), educational (you’re a ground-breaking innovation with no precedent) or controversial (you are fight perceptions or discrimination).

Surviving and growing in business is NO LONGER about having a great product, exceptional service or a competitive price. It’s all about how well you tell people about your business.

I know this shouldn’t be true, but it is. If you’re ready to make this giant mindset shift, then you’re already one step ahead of your competitors.

Kindest regards,

PS. Almost everyone I’ve shared this eBook with has gone on to get fantastic amounts of free marketing for their business; and the ones who didn’t just got more sales.  Maybe you’ll be next!?

Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.” – Richard Branson

eBook Special BONUS

AND to sweeten the deal, for a short time when you get the 5 Easy Steps to Running Your Own PR Campaign you’ll be able to sign-up to the Handle Your Own PR – PR Platform absolutely free.

The PR Platform gives you access to additional education and PR resources worth hundreds of dollars. It’s like having your own personal PR coach.

…And you get it all today free.

But don’t delay. This free offer will only be available for the next two months.

After that, you’ll have to pay for access to the PR Platform.

So grab this amazing offer now.

All you need to do is enter your name and valid email address to receive – 5 Easy Steps to Running Your Own PR Campaign; & receive your bonus free PR Platform account.

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You Are The Best Person to Tell Your Story

You’re the one with the passion. The one who knows the real story…

You’re the one who made it happen – who had an idea and turned it into something real. You’re the one who cares the most…

That makes you the best person to tell your story!

With Handle Your Own PR Platform you get the tools and support so that telling your story is super easy.

What Are Your Waiting For? Start Telling Your Story Today

5 Easy Steps to Running Your Own PR Campaign

Get "5 Easy Steps to Running Your Own PR Campaign" now -
Written in easy to understand language & crammed with insights from behind the scenes of the secretive world of PR, this eBook lays it out as a simple 5-step formula.
  • How to find the right media contacts for you
  • How to write journalist attracting press releases
  • Understanding the “pitch your story” process
  • What you need to do when you follow up with journalists
  • The 8 Tips on Pitching the media, by leading magazine Editor Selina Gordevich are worth it alone!

BONUS: And to sweeten the deal, for a short time when you get the “5 Easy Steps to Running Your Own PR Campaign” you’ll be able to sign-up to the Handle Your Own PR – PR Platform absolutely free!

5 Easy Steps to Running Your Own PR Campaigns

PS. The Handle Your Own PR Platform is nearing completion, so when you sign-up today you’ll be a foundational account holder. That means you’ll be first to take advantage of this exclusive premiere system that helps you get all the A-Grade Customers you want. Absolutely Free.

Inside the eBook: 5 Easy Steps to Running Your Own PR Campaign

“If you need PR, Jules is your woman!”

Jon Manning –

5 Easy Steps to Running Your Own PR Campaign will

  • Give you the confidence to approach journalists – You’ll discover what to do and not do that will give you the confidence to send out your media release and then follow-up.
  • Establish rewarding new marketing habits that will get you results – You’ll be shocked by how easy it is to repeat each of the steps needed to regularly pitch media contacts.
  • Help you foster lasting relationships with reporters – You’ll find out how to communicate in the right way with media contacts so that you create long-term relationships with useful reporters and journos.

“Just a little feedback on how our PR campaign is going. I sent out my first ever press release this week, to the newspaper sup’s, women’s mags and home & garden contacts as per your lists and we have received a great response. I think I’ve had contact from at least 7 reporters and editors, all looking for product submissions for editorial and images to feature straight away. Plus a feature story on me and my business for the Herald Sun! Super excited!!! All this outside of my immediate target audience so I think it’s an awesome response. I haven’t even done any follow ups yet! Plus it’s even generated some sales from a few editors who were buying for their own children. I just wanted to say a huge thanks …”

Vicki – Monkeytail & Wellington

Get "5 Easy Steps to Running Your Own PR Campaign" now -

  • Written in easy to understand language and crammed with insights from behind the scenes of the secretive world of PR, this eBook lays it out as a simple 5-step formula.
  • The 8 tips on pitching the media by leading magazine Editor Selina Gordevich are worth it alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me write my press releases?

Yes. Our team can help you by doing it for you or you can send what you’ve got, they’ll do a review and refine it so it’s ready to go out whenever you’re good to go.

How much does this cost?

Right now the Handle Your Own PR Platform is in Beta and we’re making it available for Free.

 Once it is complete, there will be pricing options.

How is your database of press contacts better than the next guy?

All the media contacts you get access to withHandle Your Own PR have been personally vetted by our CEO, Founder & PRMentor extraordinaire – Jules Brooke. That means the media contacts you get are responsive and actively looking for stories.

When should I email my pitch and press release?

Many bloggers, media contacts, journalists, reporters and editors prefer to get their ideas for stories early in the morning.*  My experience is that once you’ve got a great working relationship with your media contacts, you’ll find they’re happy to receive things from you at any time, as long as they know it’s coming and you’re giving them plenty of time to meet their deadlines.



“We spent $450 on the lists and have easily recouped our investment many times over.”

Adam Lindsay – Quarran Health Products

“Hi Jules and Karina, Amazing news! We have only sent the press releases out to I guess maybe 12 places so far, and the ABC contacted Bill immediatedly and he’s just been on the ABC breakfast show in Hobart. How amazing. Thank you both so much. Its fantastic.”

Cullen Pope – Editor EATT Radio. Co-organizer Silicon Beach

“Hi Girls, Thank you so much for the media lists. After 2 years of spending a fortune sending off PR Releases to people that weren’t interested, it was refreshing to find you girls! From my first PR Release using three of your lists(and tips from your website) – I have secured 6 magazine editorial features and one TV segment!.”

Eleni, Galmatic – Teaching Women About Cars

“Handle your own PR coaching has been such a great support for the PR of our products and our business. Providing valuable advice on how, who and what is required to send a successful press release – and to get a response! It took the guesswork out of wondering if we were going about it the right way – was time-saving – and best of all gave us results. Jules has such an enthusiastic, positive and can do attitude, with super quick response times, and an in-depth knowledge of PR. From our last press release we have been featured in : The Australian as a ‘Hot Buy’, Inside Out Magazine, Splash Magazine, The Age M Magazine, The Bendigo Advertiser, St Kilda News community newspaper. We were also included in the Kaleidescope Christmas gift catalogue, and featured on architecture and design online.”

Jeanette Fallon – Fallinc (furniture designer)

“I am an artist and wanted to get some media exposure to help sell my paintings. Through HYOPR media and arts lists I was able to get a write-up in Australian Artist magazine, get my images in The Age Christmas Essentials 2 guide and a feature article in the Herald Sun Home magazine. Jules was fantastic at guiding me through the process and her advice invaluable. Jules is super passionate about all things PR – I couldn’t recommend HYOPR highly enough.”

Jo Vautier – Artist & Owner, KJo Design

“I just want to say how amazing your media lists are. The results from our media campaign were way beyond what I expected.It’s one of those few business tools where you can really see a high ROI.”

Martine –

“Your web site is a really great resource especially for businesses that don’t have six figure advertising budgets like mine! Not only was it easy but I had success the first instance I submitted my press release, it was published in a couple of different magazines and as a result this generated sales. Simone and Jules are fantastic they really do know the essence of customer service.”

Mel Quick –

“Today was the day for studying your web site. It is one of the easiest but most comprehensive and attractive business sites I have seen. A joy to work with… as you are. What dynamic women you are. I thank you for your guidance and am now slowly minimising the fear of approaching a new task/skill and maximising the excitement and anticipation of creating and presenting my first press release.”

Cheryl Andrews – Beaming with Health

“Even though I have a leading a social media agency, it didn’t mean I knew much about PR. Jules transformed me from novice to media maven in a few short sessions. Within 3 months I was featured in The Age, Financial Review, BRW and B&T.”

Richenda Vermeulen – ntegrity (social media agency)

“Focusing on the consumer guide, I find it to be an excellent step by step guide. I have recently had one PR company wanting to charge me thousands to do the things that your workbook will teach me to do for myself. I don’t think there is one PR question I had that hasn’t been answered in this workbook and am looking forward to getting stuck right into it.”

Samantha Judd – Flip Lid

“Just a little feedback on how our PR campaign is going. I sent out my first ever press release this week, to the newspaper sup’s, women’s mags and home & garden contacts as per your lists and we have received a great response. I think I’ve had contact from at least 7 reporters and editors, all looking for product submissions for editorial and images to feature straight away. Plus a feature story on me and my business for the Herald Sun! Super excited!!! All this outside of my immediate target audience so I think it’s an awesome response. I haven’t even done any follow ups yet! Plus it’s even generated some sales from a few editors who were buying for their own children. I just wanted to say a huge thanks to you both for your help and advice.”

Vicki – Monkeytail & Wellington

“Hi Jules, Wow, I’m a senior writer with 25+ years in advertising/PR and I’ve just come across your site. I have a friend with a small business who I’ve been trying to explain HOW to do your own PR to for ages, and your website does the whole thing simply, easily and so straightforward. From one professional to another, well done… it’s excellent to see you using your experience to help small business this way. More power to you ladies.”

Mark Farrelly – Mark My Words

“For less than an equivalent hours work, your media lists provided the capacity to speak with every point of electronic media, print and TV in the country; contacts were responsive, helpful and happy to hear from me. The editorial placement received as a result is worth a hundred times the cost, and it is repeatable! CEO’s, business owners and marketers should get your lists, hand them to the most relevant person and say ‘here you go, I just saved you 2 years work profiling the media industry – stop wasting time looking for people and go direct; my gift to you’. They can do this immediately. Thank you for your work.”

Philip Bateman –

“Dear Jules, I just want to say a big thank-you for Handle your own PR. The following is happening in the next few months due to your amazing method: * 2 pages in Subscriptions/giveaway with Mother & Baby mag * Give away and story in Nature & Health Magazine * Product features in Herald Sun Body & Soul lift out(Vic & NSW) * Product feature in Sunday Mail QLD This is all before I do a follow-up phone call. The system is not only amazing, it has given me the confidence to deal with each journalist without feeling intimidated.”

Lisa Parsons – Pure Destiny

“Your web site is flipping fantastic! Really, really helpful to anyone in my position. Well done.”

Matt Robertson – Kid Disco

“This sounds like a lifesaver, just what every cash strapped small business needs, and a great year to launch it in! Its now on my list of sites to investigate asap!.”

Nina – Puka Puka Design

“Wow this is fantastic. I have no idea about any of this. I will sit down and read through it all. Congrats on such a fantastic concept.”

Carissa Little – Photography

“Hi Jules, Awesome, this is just what I need. I have a degree in Communications, but it has been years. I am a stay at home mom of 3 and about to launch an incredible line of flip flops for mother and daughter.”

Sheena Edwards –

“Had a little browse. All very exciting! Wonderful idea. Need to go back and study more when I have time, but I think I will use this. I launched this year so yup, the purse string are very tight. THANKS!!”

Andrea Mariette

“I have just come from your site and it has captured my attention enough to write it on my To Do list and bookmark your site. Great idea … huge market out there!”

Liza –

“I know my business, I know my product, all I needed were contacts. Handle Your Own PR came along at just the right time for me as I didn’t have to waste my (lack of!) time approaching print media myself – and then there was the concern of my phone call or email being pushed into the ‘junk mail’ or the ‘not interested’ basket or worst still, being labeled a nuisance! As an establishing business and brand I really can’t afford any negativity. I was so impressed with the amount of contacts on the lists – excited in fact! Knowing that the majority of the contacts you provided are WAITING for my call is just fantastic! Takes all the hard work out of it….. well, except making the actual phone call… but it was the contacts I needed – I can do all the rest! It was definitely money well spent!”

Lou PetersLil’ Rockers

Handle your own PR like the pros.

Grow your sales. Get free media exposure. 14 day free trial and 30 media contacts of your choice.

Massive database of journalists
Active database of thousands of journos and producers who are ready and waiting to hear from you. Many different topics (business, parenting, food, lifestyle) across all media – TV, radio, news, print, online, blogs.

About Us


Handle Your Own PR [HYOPR] is a DIY PR service for all businesses. This website will provide you with the process you need to follow, tips and hints about dealing with the media as well as targeted media lists, media release services and DIY PR Coaching for you to purchase.

Most businesses don’t have big bucks to throw at an advertising campaign, particularly in the early days. That’s where publicity can help. At a fraction of the cost, publicity can spread the word very effectively via the media and editorial coverage. But been at a ‘fraction’ of an advertising budget, a full blown PR campaign can be too expensive for many new businesses.

Handle Your Own PR [HYOPR] was founded in 2010, in 2012 Jules Brooke became the only active founding partner in the business and brought other industry pros in to help the business grow.

Read more about Jules and the team below. Click here to read what our subscribers have to say about us.

That’s where HYOPR comes in. If you can’t afford to pay a PR agency (like our sister company Handle Communications), you can do it yourself with our very affordable DIY PR tools.

Need some PR but don’t have the time to do it yourself?

We can do it for you!

  • Experiences, professional publicists will run your campaign for you
  • Create your newsworthy angles
  • Contact the media, setting up articles and interviews
  • Follow up with the media
  • Provide a report of your coverage

“I asked Jules to get publicity for a B2B (Business to Business) service, that no knows exists and no one knows they need But Jules is not the sort of person to shy away from a good challenge: she excelled, exceeded expectations and delivered great results (as did her staff). If you need PR, Jules is your woman!” Jon Manning, CEO,

frequently asked questions

Learn how to handle your own PR at your own pace with our expert training.

PR isn’t rocket science if you know what you’re doing. It’s easy!

Free publicity is the holy grail for most businesses, and for good reason. Publicity can transform your business.
PR is ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ when it comes to marketing your business; Google loves it, you can promote it in social media, you can use it in sales, you can post it your website and even put it on your wall if you have a bricks and mortar office.
If you can come up with a good newsworthy angle about your business, the media will run it for free. Nix. Nothing. Which makes it a no-brainer…but just in case you still need convincing, here are ten reasons why you should do PR

Here are the ten reasons you should do PR

  • It allows you to explain your business or product
  • It positions you as an ‘expert’ in your field
  • Stories are far more powerful than ads
  • You can keep using your publicity long after the initial story runs
  • It is fantastic for SEO so your customers can easily find you online
  • It drives people to your website, event, or store
  • It gives you more bang for your buck that any other type of marketing
  • It increases sales and gets the phone ringing
  • It can give you huge spikes in visitors to your website
  • It’s FREE! You don’t have to pay for them to run your story

Let me just say it again. If you can come up with a newsworthy angle about your business, the media will run it for free. Nix. Nothing.

Our Offer

The eWorkbook
B2B or B2C WorkBook
We have a tailored approach for you to follow, depending on whether you are targeting other businesses (B2B) or if you have a consumer product or service (B2C).
Designed to take you right through the process, these eWorkbooks are jam packed with advice and examples.
Once you open the PDF you will notice there are spaces for you to type your own notes and practice writing your own release which means you can keep everything together as you prepare your campaign.

Each book covers off:

  • what you need to get together before you can get started
  • how to create a newsworthy angle
  • how to write a media release
  • the different ways you can approach the media
  • how to do follow up to ensure you maximise the potential of your campaign
  • and then what you can do with the publicity once it has been published.
They are very easy-to-read so you won’t be intimidated by the idea of doing your own PR. In fact, the books tell you how to run your own campaign so well that once you have completed them you will be itching to get started straight away!

Six Video Training Lessons
Learn at your own speed from these video tutorials which run for about 30-40 mins each. Join other small business owners who attended our popular online PR boot camps.
In each of the lessons you will hear Jules offer examples and advice to real business owners, as well as explaining the entire PR process, from start to finish in a simple, easy to understand way.
With lots of visual examples, the boot camp lessons are invaluable learning tools. Each lesson goes into a lot of depth about all aspects of PR and how the media works.

The 6 video lessons cover:

  • Week 1: Getting started
  • Week 2: Identifying your media targets
  • Week 3: Your media release and newsworthy angles
  • Week 4: Contacting the media week
  • Week 5: Doing it!
  • Week 6: Follow up, clippings and planning the next campaign
Work on your own business so that by the end of the sixth video, you will be raring to get started on your own campaign!
Journalist Interviews
The inside word – your secret weapon!
Hear how journalists and producers think and what they are looking for in these short, fascinating video interviews.
Jules has interviewed members of the media so you can see that they’re lovely, ordinary people. Our interview series includes two different morning TV producers, a major journalist, freelance journalists, a radio producer, a local newspaper editor and more. These candid interviews give you an insight into the minds of the very journalists you are approaching.

We ask them…

  • What is your job and what you do?
  • What are you looking for when someone pitches a story to you?
  • How many emails do you get and what makes one stand out?
  • How far in advance do you like to be contacted?
  • Do you need photos and why?
  • Do you like to be followed up?
  • How can people maximise their relationship once a story has been published?
They really let you see and hear how ‘normal’ journalists and producers are and the information they let slip will help make your job easier. It makes it much less scary when you know the kinds of people you will be approaching and what they need from you.

About Jules
For the last fifteen years, Jules has been teaching small business owners and entrepreneurs how to grow their sales and get their customers to start ringing them, after getting featured for free in the media.
She has owned and operated a number of small businesses herself and ran a PR agency specialising in small business clients, start-ups and entrepreneurs for well over a decade. She has worked in most disciplines in marketing, both in Australia and overseas, and loves to share her knowledge and experience.
HYOPR has helped over a thousand small business owners to make over $20 million of dollars’ worth of media exposure by running their own PR campaigns. By following her process, Jules’ students have been on Sunrise, Studio 10, Sky Business News, 3AW, 4BC, 6PR, Macquarie radio and been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Inside Out, Anthill, Good Weekend and national newspapers such as The Age, Herald Sun, Courier Mail, Adelaide Advertiser, The West Australian and more. Some have even appeared on ACA – for the right reasons!
Jules manages to simplify the whole process to make handling your own PR an easy, achievable part of your marketing mix.

PR Bootcamp Lessons


Getting started

Get comfortable with a notepad, a pen and a drink for 40 information packed minutes to get your media publicity campaign started. Listen and watch as Jules teaches a group of small business owners how to do it. In the first session, she discusses your brand logo, the value of great photography, your ‘bio’, using quotes, tips for your product, survey findings, samples and trials to support a media release with the best possible chance of publication. You’ll hear that journalists have ‘do’s’ that include an industry format for your correspondence and ‘don’ts’ such as emailing a release to many journalists, where an exclusive might be what you (and they) want.



Identifying your media targets

This lesson helps you identify your primary and secondary target markets and the media they watch, read and listen to. Jules workshops an approach to radio, TV, online and print producers for each participant’s business. In preparation for contacting the media, Jules helps you plan for success by discussing publication lead times, contact timing, your availability and the invaluable media contact list. With your media release, a catchy angle and ‘cheat sheets’ in hand, you will be ready with a targeted ‘to do’ list for the publications and shows that speak to your audience. The media are always content hungry with so many programs and publications to fill. You will be amazed at just how approachable they are!



Your media release and newsworthy angles

Lesson 3 zeros in on newsworthy angles for your media release. ‘Newsworthiness’ is about coming up with a news story. Journalists tend to keep and reuse tips and tricks. They can be republished easily, so it may be published a number of times! Write your media release with a relevant tone for the reader (not the journalist!), a simple compelling message and a catchy subject line following media industry format standards. Stand out among thousands of emails with your witty subject line, a concise, informative first paragraph and clear business website links!



Contacting the media

In Handle Your Own PR lesson 4, Jules will clue you in on contacting the media. You’ll learn experienced tips on contacting print and TV journalists via email or by phone. You’ll also learn how to target the journalists most likely to publish using media listings, and other services. Remember that the media (including bloggers) have a huge appetite for story content. You’ll find them friendly and approachable, as long as you carefully time your pitch and come well prepared. Many successful story pitches have a catchy subject line, strong story, quality photos, samples and research. Be ready to work up a scenario during your discussion with the journalist as to where your story might fit. A ‘cheat sheet’ might help you with nerves and persuasion! This session provides contact tips and best of all – communication role plays. Jules spells out how written and phone conversations work across print and TV media, using product stories to illustrate her points.



Doing it!

In lesson 5, Jules gets down to running you through the pitching phase of your PR campaign. With a targeted media contact list, a sizzling media release and tons of tips, Jules guides you through using those tools in the approach process. Cast your media net wide and broad, always remembering that the media machine constantly needs a combination of materials to maintain the diverse enjoyment of their readers, viewers and listeners. It can take some patience. Make the numbers work for you! There are a million more approaches and ideas coming your way in this penultimate lesson.



Follow up, clippings and planning the next campaign targets

Lesson number 6 sees Jules bring together the previous sessions and discuss how to make the most of your publicity coverage both prior to and beyond being published. You create a 12 month PR plan, learn how to encourage ongoing journalist relationships and get savvy with social media reach. We discuss publishers expectations and deals, prizes, the ‘finessing’ of story exclusivity, one story = many pitches, ‘date danger’ and how to feed the Google SEO ‘monster’ through mutual website links. Think about celebrity customers, blogging for loyalty, attracting investors, expanding your base with digital marketing and feeding back to journalists on story outcomes. Learn to use your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin and other social media to build your brand awareness. You’ll get some great tips on using company and personal profiles to leverage media stories and learn how meta tags (file names) are written for search engine appeal.



Ready to Start
Don’t hold me back! I want to learn how to make my business stand out

Buy Now



Journalist Interviews

Chloe Flynn – Senior Supervising Producer for The Morning Show (Ch 7) and The Daily Edition (Ch 7)

Chloe is the person you will be pitching your story to! She offers some great insights into how her day works, what she wants in a story and what she hates. As the Senior Supervising Producer, Chloe is the final decision maker as to what makes it to air for both The Morning Show and The Daily Edition. Chloe has been working in television for over a decade and has worked on many of the morning shows over the years.

Tori Green – Producer For Studio 10 (Ch 10)

Tori is just lovely. She is also the person you could be pitching your story to. She has taken a few HYOPR ‘students’ and had them on the show or featured their product live on air. In the interview she explains how to get on if you have a product and what she is looking for. Her style is very different from Chloe Flynn.

Susie O’Brien – Senior Journalist Herald Sun (Vic), Adelaide Advertiser (SA), Sunrise (TV) media commenter and more

Susie is the perfect person to contact if you have a good story for the Herald Sun or The Advertiser. She has a really lovely, approachable manner and has been a professional journalist for many years. She is always looking for good stories, ideally backed by research and with a good picture opportunity as well. She clearly tells you what she wants in this great interview.

Heidi Armstrong – Presenter Macquarie Radio Network (with Steve Price) and Sky Business Channel 

Heidi is brilliant! She supports small business owners and has a half hour show on both Sky Business Channel and a radio show that is syndicated across 52 radio stations nationally. She is always looking for people to interview on her TV show, and guests to join her and Steve Price in the studio for the radio show. She has some great tips to offer.  

Nina Hendy – Freelance journalist focused on business, marketing and  entrepreneurship

Nina’s articles appear in The Sydney morning Herald, Smart Company, The Age and other key business media. Nina is passionate about freelancers and the benefits to HYOPR customers of pitching to them. Nina also has some great advice about pitching a business story.  

Shane Conroy – Freelance journalist focused on business and lifestyle

Shane is our great friend and the copywriter for most of our media releases. He is also the ex Editor of children’s titles and has been the Features editor for the Qantas in-flight magazine. He now freelances to a number of different media. Shane explains what saying ‘thank you’ to the journalist after you have been featured might do for you…and a whole lot of other great information.

Scott Podmore – Editor of The Warrandyte Diary and ex-Sunday Herald Features Editor

Scott is a lovely guy who, after 16 years working at the Herald and Weekly Times, focusing on Travel, Entertainment and Sports, decided to go local! He offers lots of advice for people who want to approach their local paper. He also touches on what it was like working at the Herald Sun.

Buy your training now


  • September 18th – 19th 2017, 9am-5.30pm, with dinner on the first night
  • Location
  • Rydges St Kilda
  • 35/37 Fitzroy St, St Kilda 3182
  • Includes lunch, refreshments and snacks plus dinner on the first night
  • 2 day accelerator workshop
  • PR training, worth $3500
  • 4 media releases + story angles for 8 more, worth $1980
  • 12 story angles in total
  • 1 year of PR campaigns
  • 12 months access to the HYOPR platform, worth $3588
  • Access to closed Facebook group
  • Ongoing support from Jules for 12 months, worth $3000
  • Dinner on the first night with journalists
  • Total value $12,068.00
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