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Whether you want help with social media, product PR, media training and more, we have the solution below. Take a look and don’t forget to mention that you heard about them from us!

Get free journalist callouts


Sourcebottle is a free service and it’s a must-have for anyone who wants publicity. When you register, you choose the topics that are relevant to you and then every day you will get 2 emails with call outs from the media. That is where journalists are looking for specific experts, products or comments for their articles. It’s gold!

Product PR resource


Let your beautiful product photography do the work for you Flaunter is a site that is perfect for anyone with great product photography. Once you sign up, you upload your latest images and a short blurb about your product, and Flaunter does the rest for you. They have all the features editors and product writers for all the major glossy mags as their customers. The journalist gets access to the portfolio of images when they are looking to run product pages, and then you get the exposure if they use your product. Pretty low effort required for some potentially awesome results.

Media Training


Media Manoeuvres is a company that specializes in preparing you for interviews – especially for radio or television. If you feel that you would like to be trained in how to get your key messages across, iron out any nerves and refine your spiel then these guys are perfect for you.

Exchange prizes for media exposure


If you have enough products or samples to give some away then you definitely want to join up to Prize Pig. Created by an ex-promotions media expert, Prize Pig lists the media outlets that are looking for prizes, and what they will offer you in return. It’s a brilliant way to get into magazines and newspapers, radio and even on TV.

Fast Track your social media


If you need help with a social media strategy, or to build your personal brand in the media then Social Star is perfect for you.

Become a Key Person of Influence with Dent Global


If you are serious about raising your profile, working out a strategy and especially if you are interested in authoring a book then KPI could be perfect for you. Over 40 weeks you work in a group with other small business owners to accelerate your brand and influence, write a book and then use the content to position yourself as a go-to person for customers, the media and investors.

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