How would you like to spend one-on-one time with a journalist? Imagine the creativity that will flow and stories you'd create together!


Journalists are creative people. They have an amazing ability to cut through the noise and get to the heart and value of any story. Now you can spend time with a leading journalist, 1-on-1 on Zoom with them, for four hours and work out the best angles to get your story out there - and finish at least one release that they will edit!


It's the perfect way to get your PR back on track!

  • It's fast and online

    Get it all done in one day - brainstorm, write, have your release edited and then pitch it to the media.

  • It's focused

    You've done the training. This is all about taking action and focusing your time on one thing. Getting publicity!

  • Kick off with Jules

    It starts by Jules answering any lingering questions you might have about your PR in a group Zoom call, then it's straight into media release creation with a leading media professional

  • Go 1-on-1 for up to four hours with a journo

    For the next four hours you're working online, directly with a media professional to help you with your angles, your story and making it attractive to the media. They will even edit your media release for you so you know it's ready to go.

  • Finish up by getting your story out there

    After your time with the journo, we will guide you as you use the PR Engine to distribute your media release. We can answer any questions and help you build the best media contact list for your PR goals.

  • It's less than half the investment of the full Accelerator

    Because you already have the PR Bootcamp or Accelerator you are prequalified for this access level. If you have done an accelerator before, you know this is the part where the rubber hits the road and you get rewarded for being here before.

Jules Brooke - date with a journalist

Now more than ever business needs to stay front of mind. Social media is swamped and publicity is still the single most effective way to create mass awareness and third party validation for your position of authority and expertise.


This is not open to everyone. It's only for people who qualify for this special level access!

And the good news is you qualify!!

You have done the PR Bootcamp. Possibly the PR Accelerator too.

Now you can just go and hang out with a journalist online


Pick their brains, use their skills and work 1-on-1 with a professional who knows what the media wants and how to present it. Come prepared and we can help you create months of publicity working directly with a leading journalist. 

Get a leading journalist to help you with your story during 4 hours of personal time at one of our one day events. This is a media professional who writes for a living and is published in both mainstream and niche industry media.

Why should I have a

date with a journalist?

If you are looking to get maximum exposure, there is nothing like it!

  • 95% success rate - do the work, you will get published

  • Work one-on-one with your journalist for up to 4 hours at the event

  • Write your media releases/articles and we will edit them at the event

  • Build your perfect media contact lists at any time 

  • Schedule your media releases to go out

  • Conveniently online, so you can work from home, wherever you are!

Watch Stella Gianotto explain what happened when she initially did the PR Accelerator and what is did for her business after just six months of PR

Stella continues to work hard at her PR and so she gets results. After just 6 months, this is what happened.

  • Published articles has helped reactivate lapsed clients 

  • Regular contributor to online and print publications 

  • Sends a press release and multiple publications pick it up  

  • Raised her profile and increased credibility

  • New business enquiries have turned into a steady stream 

  • Invited to speak at events

  • Social media grew 21% across all channels

  • 18 published articles and 3 waiting to be published 

Stella Gianotto

A date with a Journalist is such a small investment considering what PR can do for your business!

PR can literally transform your business from an unknown to a sought-after product or service. We know, because it has done that for so many of our clients. But how and why?

  • Third party endorsement creates immediate trust

  • Increase your sales or enquiries to a steady stream

  • Raise your profile and be seen as the leader in your field

  • Get immediate credibility from media coverage

  • Increase your SEO by rising to the top of google searches

  • Be seen as an expert when people google your name

  • Talk on TV and radio as an expert and be asked back!

  • Get featured in media you couldn’t afford to advertise in

  • Get invited to speak at events

  • Learn the process and you can do PR whenever you want!

What if I don’t like it? Or I try and nothing happens?

We know our programs work. But we also know you don’t want to see results. So, as you would expect, we have a guarantee....

Our Guarantee

If you have all your ducks in a row in terms of photography and a great website, you complete a media release with your journalist and send it out using our PR Engine - and do the follow up - but still can’t get any traction after 3 months, we will refund 50% of the fee.


We KNOW you'll get picked up by the media if you follow our process!

What our clients say

“With the help of Jules Brooke I was published on Day 2 of my very first Accelerator Day AND by the second Accelerator Day I was published 3 x times in that same week!! So 6 months on and I have had a total of 14 published articles online and in print, including some mainstream publications. There's SO MUCH MORE in the pipeline.”





Stella Gianotto

Director, Brand for Brands

“The PR Accelerator is a great investment in all ways. It works. Besides the helpful and immediate feedback on my media release 'seeds' that I came up with, and worked on over the two days, there's also ongoing support over the next year. Jules and her team are uplifting, professional, skilled and supportive. Who'd have thought that I'd be sitting at the Channel 9 news desk on live TV just 48 hours later!”



Susan Spelic

Founder of The Reading Mountain, Author

“Jules is the queen of small business PR. A few things that really mattered to me, 1. She wanted to know me and my business first, 2. She really cared, 3. Her advice was simple, accurate and insightful. After working with Jules I felt more confident and prepared to work with media and work my own PR. I’d recommend her to anyone wanting more exposure for their profile and business."


Greg Layton

Chiefmaker, Executive coach, author, speaker

This is ABSOLUTELY the best value PR program on the market!


Total investment


one time payment per date with a journo

(+GST in Australia)

One time payment


First payment


then 2 payments of $200  per fortnight after 14 days

(+GST in Australia)

Spread payments