How To Get Your Product on TV for Free!

Products are slightly different when it comes to getting them into the shows or programming. TV Publicity (or Product Placement) is very different, and much cheaper, than buying ad space. However, you are limited unless you have a spokesperson ready to talk about it on-air. Having said that, you may not need one if you […]

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How to put together a TV PR Pitch

Whether you want publicity for your brand, your business or yourself, TV is the ‘Holy Grail’ of PR. We all dream of seeing our brand on TV, and even more so when it’s being featured within the programming, not the advertising. In today’s world of multiple TV channels – digital, pay TV and free to […]

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Article: Why PR is Crucial for Start Ups

Jules Brooke’s, HYOPR founder and co-owner, article is featured on the Inside Small Business Website. A great read for any business just starting out as she explains how DIY PR can save you lots of money versus advertising. She also explains the basic steps to getting free publicity for your small business.

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