Your Story is the Start of Our Story

Handle Your Own PR was born when Jules Brooke – former PR agency founder, entrepreneur and small business owner – realised that paying a PR agency was out of the financial reach of most small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-up. (If you’re a small business who can afford $36,000+ per year to pay for agency PR you’re in a super lucky minority!).


Jules founded HYOPR in 2008 after the GFC made funds even tighter for already cash-strapped small businesses. Having run her own small business and specialised in small-business PR for many years, Jules had seen the power of PR to transform and grow businesses first hand. She also knew that many small businesses had incredible stories to tell, that the media is desperate for new content all the time and that PR is a process that can be taught. With this knowledge, Jules has set out to empower small businesses to manage their own PR.


HYOPR is a PR education provider, but over the years since HYOPR began, Jules discovered that just as important as teaching people the skills was providing the tools to implement them. From its inception, the online PR management software has gone through many iterations (anyone who’s ever had anything to do with website development knows it takes a lot of hard work to make something simple!).


Now, Jules’s vision has come to life. HYOPR helps with training people in the entire PR process, gives tips and hints about dealing with the media, teaches the most effective way to write and distribute media releases as well as newsworthy angles, PR strategy and much more. In addition to the training side of things, the online software provides a one-stop resource for PR campaign management, including media contact lists and a super simple media release writing tool.


We’re passionate about providing the means to make handling your own PR really easy. At a fraction of the cost of an advertising campaign, PR gives businesses the power to spread the work incredibly effectively through the media. After all, people don’t read magazines or watch TV for the ads – it’s all about the stories.

Jules Brooke

HYOPR Founder + PR Dynamo

Jules is passionate about helping small businesses. Jules started her own graphic design company before setting up her PR agency, Handle Communications, in 2003. Handle Communications worked with numerous small and micro businesses and start-ups over the following years and Jules soon realised that although many people couldn’t afford to hire a PR agency, they had great stories to tell and the media would be excited to hear from them. So, in the aftermath of the GFC in 2008, Jules decided to set up Handle Your Own PR. Jules is quite entrepreneurial and as well as managing her own small businesses, she has also had a few products on the market. She works hard to show people that doing PR is a skill that can be learned and she believes wholeheartedly that it is the best choice for anyone who wants to create awareness of their brand.

Rhys Atkinson-Whipps
PR Professional

Rhys is a resourceful and versatile PR professional with a background in a diverse range of industries including fashion, food, lifestyle, health, technology, finance and luxury brands. Rhys is a proactive thinker who is passionate about delivering strategic, memorable and hard-hitting end-to-end public relations campaigns.

Sarah Boykett
PR Professional

Sarah Boykett is a PR professional with over 15 years of experience in PR for some of Australia’s best-loved people and brands and has spruiked some incredibly interesting stories to the media during this time. From cherries to national icons, festivals to safaris, Sarah has covered it all and probably everything in between. Sarah loves sniffing out a story and telling the world and finds nothing more exciting than a new brief, learning something new and finding an angle.

Linda Fincke
PR Professional

Linda Fincke is a passionate and professional media-savvy publicist with over 15 years’ experience in producing highly creative and innovative publicity, marketing campaigns and events. She’s honed her skills in theatrical film distribution for The Walt Disney Company and Universal Pictures and corporate brands, but is equally happy helping small businesses make a big impact. Linda loves a challenge, is tenacious in finding an angle and pitching stories to media. A great relationship manager, she’s easy to work with and has a wide network of media and publicity contacts built over a successful career in publicity, marketing and running memorable events.

Shane Conroy

Media Release Writer Extraordinaire​

Shane has worked with Handle Your Own PR clients since 2011 crafting media releases for businesses who need a bit of extra help with the writing. An experienced freelance writer and editor, he brings a beautiful and personal style to every release he writes.


Shane has worked with leading brands such as Virgin, Toyota, Sanity/HMV, Accor Hotels, SBS, Optus and Foxtel on a range of publishing and copywriting projects. Shane also contributes editorial content to several national magazines, blogs and custom publications, and has authored media releases for companies across Australia and around the world.

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