• Photography is key

    Learn why it is so important and the types of shots you need to have

  • Understand how to create newsworthy angles

    This is the most common mistake people make. If you can understand how to present your story you are halfway there!

  • The power of following Up

    These days many people only get their story picked up the second time around. Understand why, and how to get noticed

  • Milk it baby!

    Much of the power of PR is in how credible it makes you.
    Learn how much you can extend the audience by pushing your message far and wide.

The six steps to running a PR campaign that works

This webinar is perfect for you if you want to understand what PR is, how the PR process works, and what you need to have ready before you get started. It includes the six PR campaign steps and a brief overview of each. The content includes the following steps:

  • Getting started

    What you need to have ready including your website, why photography could ‘make or break’ your campaign, including quotes and research, and your biography.

  • Coming up with a newsworthy angle

    There are numerous ways to come up with newsworthy angles. Jules explains some of the different ways you can make your story catnip to the media..

  • Writing your media release

    How long should it be? When do you include quotes and from who? How do you use research results? Learn everything you need to know about media pitches.

  • Contacting the media

    There’s an art to engaging the interest of a journalist or producer. Who should you contact? What should you say? When should you contact them? These and other key questions are answered.

  • Following Up

    Following up with any journalists that haven’t responded is a crucial part of any PR campaign. In fact, it’s essential. Jules helps you understand when to do it, and what to say!

  • Milking It!

    PR is the gift that keeps on giving. There is so much you can do with your media clippings to amplify your message. Jules explains some of the options available to you.

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