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Getting Ready

We explain what DIY publicity is, how it works, why it is a great idea for ALL types of businesses and what results you could achieve.


Media Releases & Media Targets

Tips galore on; defining your target market, writing a great media release, eye catching images and more!


Doing it!

We tell you how to write the email that goes out with the release, making sure you have samples ready, the benefit of prizes and promotions, how to follow up if you don't hear back, collecting clippings and other tips to help you put together the best pitch you can!


Staying motivated

It can be hard to stay motivated but it helps if you have a plan! We give you free publicity ideas, help you plan for future campaigns, we also offer coaching and mentoring options if you need some additional support.

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What Our Clients Say

"Just a little feedback on how our PR campaign is going. I sent out my first ever press release this week, to the newspaper sup's, women's mags and home & garden contacts as per your lists and we have ..."
Vicki, Monkeytail & Wellington
"For less than an equivalent hours work, your media lists provided the capacity to speak with every point of electronic media, print and TV in the country; contacts were responsive, helpful and happy t..."
Philip Bateman, bravocharlie.com.au