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What's involved?

Follow a simple process. Learn at your own pace. Use our tools and create your own relationship with journalists.


What's your story?

You just need a catchy headline and a newsworthy angle. Journalists don’t mind who their story comes from. If it’s good, they will be happy to hear from you.


What media? What to say?

Do you know who your customers are or will be? What media can you use to get your story to them?


Doing it!

Once you have the media release and some media contacts, you simply need to send it out. It’s that simple.


What Our Clients Say

""Hi Jules and Karina, Amazing news! We have only sent the press releases out to I guess maybe 12 places so far, and the ABC contacted Bill immediatedly and he's just been on the ABC breakfast show in ..."
Cullen Pope - Editor EATT Radio. Co-organizer Silicon Beach
"Even though I have a leading a social media agency, it didn't mean I knew much about PR. Jules transformed me from novice to media maven in a few short sessions. Within 3 months I was featured in The ..."
Richenda Vermeulen - ntegrity (social media agency)